Vital Basic Needs for our Communities and a Stop to Funding Institutions that Harm us Starting with Police

We call for a divestment from policing and militarization and reallocating our tax dollars to programs that support our communities. Basic needs include: housing, jobs, quality and accessible public education, mental health and harm reduction services, and healthcare.

A Stop to Criminalization for All Oppressed People

#FreedomCities demands public protections for all vulnerable communities including and not limited to immigrants, Black people, Muslims, queer and trans communities, women, and workers.

Political Power and Community Control

Our communities will feel and exercise real control of the institutions that people interact with daily, exploring alternatives to state policing and strengthening accountability of public agencies meant to serve us. .

Economic Justice

We are committed to workers’ rights and self-determination, including labor protections, worker cooperative and employment opportunities, efforts to combat discrimination, increased wages, and the right to organize.

Community Self Defense

As has been our tradition we will continue to help local communities, families and neighborhoods create systems of self-dense that engage businesses, religious groups and other local institutions.